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VT1 Guitar Pedals

DI’s and EQ’s


VT1 Guitar Pedals - more...

Our guitar versions of VT1 pedals are designed for guitars. They all use a single two stage 12ax7/ECC83 pre-amp valve/tube to add fat, warm valve distortion.

The range includes overdrives, pre-amps, tremolo, blender and various options such as DI, active EQ, headphone amps, etc.  



Rack mount Equipment - more...


Our VT3-Twin-EQ-RM is a 1U rack mount version of our VT2-Twin-EQ with a valve/tube driven FX loop (Bob the Blender) plus tuner mute and 3 balanced DI’s.


DI’s and EQ’s - more...


We offer a range of very low noise, solid state DI’s and EQ pedals for both studio and stage work. All Di’s are a balance op-amp design with XLR connectors and ground lift. Our EQ’s are all active 3 band with mid range Q.

VT1 Guitar pedal

Ge Fuzz pedals - more...


Our solid state PNP, Ge transistor has three NOS AC128’s and is based on the Colorsound tonebender Mk2.

Fuzz Pedals

Fuzz pedals

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